Agriculture in Fayette County

Fayette County has a vast and diverse amount of agricultural outputs. The FCCD works closely with participating farmers and landowners of the county to assist them in “Best Management Practices (BMP’s)” to improve environmental and agricultural benefit. We provide assistance on farm such as soil testing, grazing planning, manure management, agricultural erosion and sediment planning (conservation planning) and agronomic assistance. The FCCD Ag program works close with the Farm Service Agency (FSA) and the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) to better compliment projects of the county. The FCCD also works close with the State Conservation Commission (SCC) on nutrient and manure management planning for local farm operations, providing outreach and assistance in planning.

FCCD Rental Program

  • (2)- 7ft Great Plains No-Till Drills, 50hp min requirement to operate $10.00 per acre
  • Esch 3ft No-Till drill (Great for small fields and plots, no hydraulic required) $100.00 for 3 days
  • Stoltzfus 5 Ton Wet Lime Spreader 75hp min requirement $2.50 per ton rental
  • JD 2row No-Till Corn planter, finger pickup, 3pt hitch, (will be on a trailer upon pickup) Call for pricing

*All rentals are subject to approval of the FCCD. If it is a first time rental, a copy of a valid driver’s license and insurance is required for agreement to be filed.

There is no guarantee for availability, seeding results, and or any other factor that would be outside of the FCCD. To schedule usage, call Pierce Willson at 724.438.4497.

FCCD Agriculture Highlights:

The FCCD has worked in conjunction with Kings Agriseed to promote a cover crop test plot program. We have several operations in the county that are using multi-species cover crops seeded the fall of 2021. The FCCD paid for up to 5 acres worth of seed per participant. We will have some info and results in the spring along with a field and crop walk.

The FCCD has also worked towards an “In-house” program called Fayette Agricultural Resource Management “F.A.R.M” to assist farmers and landowners in the county. The drive on this program is to assist participants with small BMP needs. This would include repair to existing BMP’s, including liming. Funding will be announced spring 2022.

Fayette County
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