About Us

What is a Conservation District?

A Conservation District is a legal subdivision of state government, responsible under state law for conservation work within its boundaries. The boundaries in Pennsylvania are along county lines. The purposes of conservation districts are:

  • To focus attention on land, water, and related resource problems.
  • To develop programs to solve such problems.
  • To enlist and coordinate assistance from all public and private sources
    that can contribute to accomplishing the district goals.
  • To make all citizens aware of the interrelationship between human
    activities and the natural environment.
Photo Credit: Aaron McGregor Photography

Board of Directors:

Don Bowser – Chairman
Dan Komarinski – Vice Chairman
Jason Foster – Secretary
Charlotte DeCarlo – Treasurer
John Tabaj
Ben Eicher
Dave Lohr – County Commissioner

Fayette County Conservation District Projects:

    Conservation Plan Development

    • County Envirothon
    • Dirt & Gravel/Low Volume Paved Road program for municipalities
    • Erosion & Sedimentation Pollution Control plan & NPDES permit review and inspections
    • Environmental Education Programs/ Presentations
    • Fayette County Ag Fest
    • Nutrient Management
    • Technical Assistance
    • Various Community Service Opportunities
    • Watershed Group Organization and Assistance
    • Annual Tree Sale

    Fayette County
    Conservation District

    10 Nickman Plaza
    Lemont Furnace, PA 15456

    (724) 438-4497